Action Camera 4K

Action Camera 4K

The highest resolution possible for an action camera. With its 4K resolution, you will be able to record in perfect quality all the moments of your life and sports! With its water-resistant case, its long-lasting battery and the full set of accessories, you will be able to bring it together with you almost everywhere. Accessories included: helmet strap, adapters, stickers, handlebar holder. Micro USB cable included. It comes with a luxury giftbox.

Minsta antal: 1 st
Antal 1 25 50 100
Pris/st 730,00 720,00 700,00 690,00
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Produkt: Action Camera 4K


Artikelnummer 2pa20490
Dam/Herr None
Ursprungsland KINA
Material ABS plast
Storlek 7,5 x 4,2 x 6 cmcm
Antal i kartong 10st
Bruttovikt 6kg
Nettovikt 5.7kg
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