Solar Powerbank 10.000mAh

Solar Powerbank 10.000mAh

A reliable powerbank with a powerful battery and a durable casing. The 10.000mAh battery can charge most devices multiple times, and the solar panel furthers the duration you can go without needing a power outlet. The casing is water-, dust- and shock proof which makes it a perfect powerbank for the outdoors and physical activities as well as at work. The Solar Powerbank 10.000mAh also consist of a compass, flashlight and carbine hook.

The standard colors for this product are black/orange and black/black. Other colors may be available upon request.


QI Solar Powerbank 20.000mAh

Solar Foldable Powerbank 10.000mAh

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Produkt: Solar Powerbank 10.000mAh


Artikelnummer 14600
Material ABS, Silicone
Tryckmetoder Screen
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