R-PET LED Powerbank 6000mAh

R-PET LED Powerbank 6000mAh

A powerbank made from recycled PET Bottles collected according to Global Recycled Standard 4.0 and certified by ESTS. Show your logo in a more environmentally friendly way. We engrave your logo and illuminate it from within with a LED lamp. The logo lights up as soon as you use the powerbank. Exciting and unique. The LED lamp can shine in any color, up to you! The powerbank is 6000mAh. 2 USB ports and 1 TypeC.

All our chargers have protection against overcharging, discharge, short-circuit and overvoltage which protects both the charger and the device being charged.

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Produkt: R-PET LED Powerbank 6000mAh


Artikelnummer 13688
Material R-PET
Tryckmetoder Engraving, Full colour
Tariffkod -
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